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Counting Kilojoules. No carbs after 5pm. How did food go from being fuel to the source of so much guilt? Here you can chat with friends. Bitch about stupid crash diets. Perhaps even road-test some good ones. But most of all regain control of your eating destiny. Enjoy. Cosmo xx.

5 Foods To Help Fight Cholesterol...

Posted By cosmogirl on May 16, 2008 at 9:35PM

Hey Girls. So if you already know you life a pretty balanced life and have a healthy diet your chances of having high cholesterol are quite slim. But if you want to go that one step further, try to incorperate this great foods in your diet to keep a healthy, balanced cholesterol level.

1. Almonds-
I love these little guys, I eat a small handful everyday. A fave of Jessica Alba's her nutritionist gives them to her because they are full of good fats and they are said to lower your cholesterol by 4.4 percent. So chow down on a quarter of a cup a day, but make sure you stick to dry rather than roasted in oil.
2. Oatmeal-
Great for a winter breakfast. A daily serve of this goopy goodness can dramatically lower your cholesterol. And how? Well oatmeal contains a little something called soluble fiber. Soluble fiber binds to the bile acids that are the precursor to the development of cholesterol and help flush it out. And guess what? It doesn't matter if you're eating the smooth, creamy oats your grandma make for you or the ones you make two minutes before you leave for work. Just eat them!
3. Fish-
Okay this one isn't very hard. Fish is pretty much great for everything, it is known as one of the top brain foods out there and the omega 3 fatty acids are widely considered the best fat out there. So try to eat as much salmon, halibut and tuna as you can.
4. Red Wine-
I usually sit down with one every Sunday night, it helps keep my nerves down and relieves alot of my stress. A glass of red wine contains flavanols which has been proven to have anti-inflammatory agents. Put simply it will help you lower your cholesterol and and stave off heart disease. But slow down ladies. Less is more. The recommendation is one glass per day (for us women) and for men two. More than that will, literally, dilute any potential benefits. These flavanols can also be found in red grape juice and dark cocoa.
5. Soy-
I am a total soy freak! Anything soy... Soybeans, soy nuts, tofu, soy milk. I love it all. And you should too. Soy can help to reduce the production of new cholesterol and a little can go a long way—aim for about 25 grams of soy protein a day (the amount in a cup of edamame). And those who are at an increased risk of breast or prostate cancer may want to skip it since too much of soy’s phyto-estrogens can act similarly to the body’s own estrogen (which has been shown to feed some hormone-dependent tumors).

Dark Chocolate

Posted By cosmogirl on Apr 19, 2008 at 12:26AM

Did you just finish a grueling hour-long spin class and are you looking for a healthy treat to reward yourself? Well look no further.
Dark Chocolate. Great antioxidants and you feel great eating it. Angelina Jolie's nutritunist reccommends it to her to snack on because it has less fat than normal milk chocolate.


Cosmo xx.

What's in your cup of coffee?

Posted By cosmogirl on Jan 5, 2008 at 10:39PM

So girls. We all love our Starbucks. But do you know exactly how many kilojoules are going into that beautiful cup of heaven? I did a little reading to help you out a little.

Espresso, long black- 67kJ (A fave of Jessica Alba's...hmmm...wonder why?)
Venti Chai Tea Latte- 1256kj (A fave of Sienna Miller's)
Skinny caoouccino, no sugar- 242kj (A fave of Kylie Minogue's)
Chai Tea Ice Blended- 418kj (The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf- A fave of Mischa's)
Grande White Chocolate Mocha- 2093kj (A fave of Paris')
Grande Non-fat Cafe Latte- 544kj (A fave of Carmen Electra's)
Tall Vanilla Latte- 921kj (A fave of Adam Brody's)
Grande Iced Vanilla Latte- 795kj (Just one of the faves of the ultimate starbucks fans, the lovely Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen).

Enjoy Your Starbucks ladies and drink-up!

Cosmo xx.

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Why Soy?

Posted By cosmogirl on Oct 16, 2007 at 1:20AM

Hey Guys!

So what does everyone drink? Full-creme, skinny, goat's milk?
I was just wondering because I very recently became a vegitarian (the one that eats chicken, fish and eggs but doesn't eat red meat) Anyways, I was at the health foods store stocking up on loads of yummy vegan treats and I spotted some soy milk. I stood in front of the fridge contimplating if I wanted to try it. When I was little I used to drink soy all the time, and then stopped. And when ever I go to Starbucks I get my regular vanilla soy latte. But other than that I stick to my skinny, trim, whatever you wanna call it. So I decided to pick up the carton and read the stuff on it. High in protein, chelestorol (or how ever you spell it) free, low fat, low sodium, dada da da da, bam! And then it hit me! Iron-rich! An essential for people refusing to eat red meat.

So. I told that long story just to say to you guys. if you dont want to eat red meat. make sure you're drinking up the soy. lol.

Cosmo xx.

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What to eat more of

Posted By cosmogirl on Oct 5, 2007 at 9:30PM

Probiotics- bad bacteria can cause gas and bloating. up your intake of good bacteria. such as yoghurt.
Oily Fish- Salmon and tuna are full of vitamin b6, a natural diuretic
Pepermint and chamomile teas- these contain soothing chemicals, known as carminatives, that ease stomach pains and reduce bloating

Cosmo xx.

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food to avoid

Posted By cosmogirl on Oct 5, 2007 at 9:24PM

Bread- Wheat is a common cause of bloating and water retention. go for rye bread, which is less likely to trigger unwanted reactions.
Baked Potatoes- They release sugar into the blood as quickly as pure sugar (bet you didnt know that), reducing your body's ability to burn fat
Sorbet- It seems healthier than icecream, but its high sugar content can have the same weight gaining potential as baked spuds
Chewing Gum- When you chew gum you swallow large amount of air which makes you stomach balloon.

Cosmo xx.

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Posted By cosmogirl on Sep 25, 2007 at 8:19PM

A fave of Grey's star Katherine Heigl.
1 cup: 308kJ, o.2g fat, 15g sugar

Sugar-free Jelly
A fave of bronzed beauty Beyonce
TRY: Aeroplane Jelly Lite orange mango flav.
1/2 cup: 246kJ, 0g fat, og sugar
Who just said bootylisious? No way!

Small Papya with 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese:
Fave of killer Uma Thurman
586kL, 1.4 fat, 23 sugar

Fat-free Plain organic yoghurt:
Fave of Hairspray's Amanda Bynes
100g:220kJ, 0.1 fat, 5.5g sugar

Fave of Lindsay's and not to mention mine (im seriously addicted)
Crab stick roll:
1067kJ, 7g fat, 7g

Fresh Juice (Energiser)
Faves of killer legs Jennifer Aniston
350ml: 690kJ, 0.4g fat, 30.4 sugar

Protein Shake with fruit: (trim low-GI)
Fave of Yummy mummy's Jennifer Garner
556kJ, 1g fat, 10.8g sugar per 35g. (remember one cup of strawberries adds 121 kJ. I know life is tough)

Almonds (Now go easy with these girls. And make sure they're not salted, a 30g handful is plenty)
Fave of Latino singer Nelly Furtado, and my inspiration Jessica Alba and mine.
711kJ, 16.6g fat, 1g sugar

Fat-free choc ice-cream
Fave of stunning, brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen
374kJ, 0.3 fat, 12.8 sugar

Cosmo xx.

My Latest Food Philosophy.

Posted By cosmogirl on Sep 25, 2007 at 7:43PM

At the moment I'm skipping the ceral for brekkie and eating dinner for breakfast. Okay your probably all going...'right so your eating steak and veggies as soon as you get up in the morning.' We no actually its garlic rice, broccolini, eggs, lemon or either chicken or beef. Its great since I live in Australia I do alot of surfing (which I am terrible at) and I eat that for breakfast to kick-start my matabolisim and there you go I can be surfing for hours (more like falling on my ass) and not get hungry and have the energy I need.

Also I read a study that said those who ate protein-rich meals for breakfast such as eggs on toast consumed 1,753 less kilojoules in a day than those who ate a bagel with cream cheese and yoghurt.

Cosmo xx.

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